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Advanced     dressing
for fractional     procedures

wound dressing
in a gel

Advanced dressing for fractional procedures

  • For doctors who want the best outcome for their patients
  • For doctors who want a safe and a simple addition to existing wound care protocols
    Reduced       downtime

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Wound healing process after a fractional laser resurfacing to remove acne scars (7 days).

Expert opinion

Imagine you are about to refurbish your home. The floor needs new tiles, but before that, it needs to be flattened. The builders promise a magic solution: self-levelling cement that makes every subsequent step a simple matter of course. Stratacel acts the same way.

Dr. Leonardo Marini, Trieste, Italy

Stratamed and Stratacel are the first film occlusive agents that we can actually put on the wounds immediately, and we never had that. So even if somebody has an open or a closed wound with sutures we don’t have to wait for the sutures to come out.

Dr. Michael Gold, Nashville, TN, USA

They trust us

“I love that Stratacel is so easy to use in every day lif. When it is dry, I can just apply makeup straight on top of it.”

Lara from Germany

“Stratacel worked wonderfully and immediately reduced the itching and tightness after my laser procedure.”

Michael from Switzerland

“Combining Stratacel with my microneedling procedures is my new obsession! It soothes my skin and reduces redness, plus I heal much faster.”

Jessica from USA

“I originally turned to Stratacel to help decrease post microneedling redness but it also worked wonders when I got my eyebrows microbladed. It’s such a great product!”

Meghan Linsey
Singer, USA

“It is so easy to use! It glides effortlessly onto all parts of my face, dries within no time and stays put during the whole day.”

Jasmine from Australia

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